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I.T. Services

Utd Communications IT support services has considerable expertise and experience repairing and supplying computer hardware, PC Systems, Laptops and services within the business to business sector in Carlisle, Cumbria, the South of Scotland and the North East. Whether you are considering upgrading your computer network, improving your PC security and anti virus software, purchasing a new PC or laptop or simply want to purchase a new keyboard or other peripheral then Utd Communications can help.

We know that there is no one IT solution that will suit every organisation. That is why, regardless of business size, or industry sector, we work with our customers to understand their challenges to define and implement service and support -orientated IT solutions to meet their individual needs.

Be it providing IT consultancy, building a robust computer network or managing an end-to-end fully outsourced IT solution, Utd Communications deliver with an unrivalled commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We aim to build long-lasting relationships and deliver innovative IT solutions able to support the changing IT support demands of our customers.

IT Support

By having our annual maintenance IT support contract you would gain the benefit of having specialist IT help on call to quickly resolve any issues or problems as and if they arose, whilst you remained focus on your core business.

By taking the whole responsibility for maintaining your computer systems we would seek to make them as efficient and stable as possible, whether it be hardware, software or your network. You would also gain knowledge that by taking advantage of our fixed price solution then you could accurately budget for your maintenance IT support package, regardless of the problems that may occur.

We have found that a programme of good housekeeping and regular equipment monitoring is always the best method to ensure computer system and network stability. This method has proved successful for many clients and greatly reduces the number of emergency fault calls.

Fixed Contract IT Support Package

An annually charged fixed cost IT service encompassing response times under a 4 hour and 8 hour arrangement. This service provides the highest level of IT service offered and provides our clients with the pinnacle of technical IT support. Customers entering into this contract will be entitled to the highest priority of response rates. Customers of Fixed contract IT services are also able to benefit from quarterly or half yearly maintenance visits for proactive servicing of their IT equipment.

Fixed Hourly IT Support Package

Customers can make an advance purchase of hours at a rate significantly below our standard time and materials rates. When you make an IT support request, these hours or half hourly increments thereof are deducted from the pool of existing hours you have purchased, until they are exhausted.

Customers are able to exhaust the available number of hours on any given project requiring labour, including new installations as well as corrective or remedial work. Customers who have build up a history of trading with will be allowed to exceed the number of hours remaining in their pool & be invoiced for the additional ones used at the same rates as if they had been purchased in the pool. Hours are purchased in increments of 10’s or 20’s.

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