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What can we help with ?

UTD Communications will determine with you the IT needs and requirements for your business. We will improve the efficiency of your businesses IT systems, and will setup a plan and implement it on your behalf to high standards.

Do I Need an IT Consultant ?

If you are serious about reducing costs whilst increasing productivity within your business. If you are annoyed with the state of your IT systems, we will eliminate that feeling very quickly by becoming a valued part of your decision making process.

So what does IT Consultancy cost ?

As with all things this depends upon the type and size of your business. We normally allow 1 day with the consultant so they can get to grips with your systems and how they operate. You will receive a fully prepared report with all of our findings, recommendations and plans for your business. Once we have an understanding of your business, we can give you a far better idea of short and long term costs to get your business on track and performing at peak efficiency.

If so give us a call on 01228 808950

I.T. Consultancy in Carlisle, Cumbria, Southern Scotland, the North East and Newcastle

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