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Unit A, Dukes Drive, Kingmoor Park, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 4SH

What happens if I experience a fault with any of my services?

UTD Communications in Carlisle provide full assurance cover on your line/broadband, as per your fault handling level. Onsite equipment is not covered. If you suspect a fault please rule out your own onsite equipment; here are a few suggestions to help you do so -

 Check all cables are secure

 Try a different handset in the socket if possible

 Check internal calls can be made, if they can\'t it is unlikely to be a line fault, and more likely an equipment issue

 If it is an outgoing calls only issue, try prefixing the call with 1280 (this routes the call over BT Openreach and can help identify if the problem is with our network and not the line itself)

 If it is a broadband fault, power down the router for 10 minutes and then restart, check all cables are secure and if possible check if the phone line itself is working by plugging an analogue phone into the socket

If no onsite checks resolve the issue please call the hard working customer service team on 01228 808950 to log a fault (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm). Outside of these hours please call (NUMBER TO FOLLOW).

If your phone lines are essential for the running of your business, please consider using Total Care Line Cover, available for just £3.30 a month per line, which will give you access to 24 hour, 365 day a year fault reporting, with BT Openreach ensuring that all fault\'s will be picked up within 4 hours.

UTD can set up a divert for the duration of your fault, and will advise you of the result of a basic line test. The fault will then be submitted for further diagnostics, and you will be then be advised as to how we will proceed.

Please do bear in mind though that if an engineer attends your site, and the fault is with your own onsite equipment and not that of the line/service, the visit will be chargeable.

What happens If I need to put a divert on any of my lines?

This can be done anytime a fault is logged, and a divert will typically be in place within an hour.

If you would like a divert applying but there is no fault or the fault is with non UTD Communications maintained equipment, you can request an Admin Controlled Call Diversion, which again will typically be on within an hour of your call to the customer service team.

If the line is an ISDN30e circuit, the divert will be placed on the next working day unless a valid business case is raised. Due to this inflexibility we strongly urge all ISDN30e customers to invest in the Site Assurance option. For just £2.50 a month per circuit customers can have a pre arranged disaster recovery number to which an ISDN30e circuit can be diverted to within an hour. Customers who invest in the Site Assurance option will also have access to an out of hours service, meaning the divert can be applied 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If your lines are analogue, the call diversion service is available for just £0.75 a month per line, which allows you to automatically divert calls by entering a simple code via a touch tone phone.

What happens if I am changing my address?

UTD Communications in Carlisle will need to install a line plant into your new premises. Whether your existing telephone number can be retained is dependent on whether the new premises are in the same telephone exchange area.

If your new premises are outside of your current telephone numbers exchange area, there are a number of ways in which UTD Communications can assist.

 Caller Redirect can be applied for £5 per month per line (or just £10 per quarter per line) which is an announcement telling customers that your number has changed

 Remote Call Forward is available on analogue lines for just £10 per month per line which automatically forwards all calls to your old number to your new number, providing seamless continuity for your customers

 My Inbound is a similar service to Remote Call Forward but is available for both analogue and digital lines, again providing much needed continuity for your customers.

*Please note that with Remote Call Forward and My Inbound you will need to pay the cost of the forwarded calls.

What additional services can I get on my lines?

UTD Communications offer a wide range of additional services that can be added to your lines, enabling you to tailor your service to perfectly suit your business needs. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but please use as a guide as to what your options are.

Analogue Lines

 Call Diversion, at just £0.75 per line per month, allows you to automatically divert calls by entering a simple code via a touch tone phone.

 Caller Display, at just £1.50 per line per month, allows you to see at all times who is calling you

 Call Waiting, at just £1.50 per line per month, alerts you if someone else is calling you during another call

 Three Way Calling, at just £1.50 per lie per month, allows you to talk to two different lines at once, including one international line

 Call Barring, at just £0.75 per line per month, allows you to block outgoing calls to specific number groups, such as international or premium 09 numbers

 Call Sign, at just £1.50 per month per line, allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line

 1571 Answerphone, at just £1.00 per month per line, acts as standardized answerphone

 Call Minder, at just £2.50 per line per month, works in the same way as 1571 Answerphone, but allows a personalized message to be added

 Ring Back, at just £0.75 per line per month, returns a call to inform you that an engaged number is now available

 Choose To Refuse, at just £2.50 per line per month, allows you to bar the last number that called you

Digital Lines

The switch that has been installed will provide most of the capabilities you will need, however UTD Communications in Carlisle can provide

 Outbound Caller Display*

 Incoming Caller Display*

 Withhold Number*

UTD Communications also offer a range of Directory Entries*

*All prices available on request. If you require a service not mentioned above then please call the hard working team on 08712 881 881 to discuss the options available to you.

How long will it take these services to be installed?

Most of the above services can be applied within a day or two. Many services, such as Call Diversion, can be applied on the same working day

Can I have an 08xx number?

UTD Communications can provide you with a variety of different 08xx, or Non Geographic Numbers. Non Geographic Numbers project a professional image, and some can even offer a kickback, so you will receive money for people calling you (depending on forward to number and tariff).

Most Non Geographic Numbers can be supplied to you free of charge, however you may be charged for a number that is instantly recognisable.

Eclipse offer a Call Queuing service for 08xx numbers, which includes the option for hold music, regular messages, and means that if you are experiencing a high number of calls waiting, they will not be jamming up your onsite lines. The Call Queuing service is free to use, except for an initial set up charge*

* Price available on request

What should I do if I am receiving nuisance/unwanted sales calls?

Your first port of call should always be registering with the TPS


They will record your number onto their database and this should reduce the number of unwanted calls you are receiving. If after registering with TPS unwanted calls still come through, remind the caller that you are registered and this will encourage them to remove you from their database.

UTD Communications in Carlisle also offer the Choose to Refuse service, for just £2.50 per line per month, which enables you to bar incoming calls from the last number that called you, and also Anonymous Call Rejection, at just £0.75 per line per month, which will automatically reject all incoming calls from anonymous numbers.

If the nature of the call is in anyway threatening, then you will need to contact the Police. BT Nuisance Calls Service should also be involved. They will liaise directly with yourselves on the matter, as they are able to trace calls even if they are from anonymous numbers.

What is Site Assurance?

If you have ISDN30e lines, then Site Assurance will need to be an essential part of your disaster recovery plan. Due to BT Openreach constraints, line diverts on ISDN30e lines can only be provisioned on the next working day.

Site Assurance however, for just £2.50 per line per month, allows ISDN30e diverts to a pre assigned number to be placed in a matter of minutes (maximum 1 hour). This covers you against all circumstances, such as fire, switch fault or terrorism/natural disasters.

Some customers have chosen to install a 2 line multi line in a nearby director's house, meaning that if there was an emergency, key staff could go there and not miss essential calls.


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