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At UTD Communications we can secure your data on pc desktops, laptops and servers. The advanced software we use has the ability to encrypt files or the whole disk. Leaving your system secure no matter where the documents are saved on your equipment.

Storing data safely is the responsibility of the companies owners and if you are subject to the data protection act in any way you should be serious about securing your data to protect your company for potential financial penalties for failing to do so.

“Am I satisfied the information is being held securely, whether it’s on paper or on computer? And my website? Is it secure?”

It takes a short time to secure your hard disks with our technology – you don’t even have to stop working whilst we do it !

Our data encryption service is cheaper than you may expect.

Ring us on 01228 808950 for further details and become compliant today.

Data Encryption Services in Carlisle, Cumbria, Southern Scotland, the North East and Newcastle

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