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Consultancy & Project Management

At Utd Communications, we specialize in telecommunications and IT services cost management, using our extensive telecoms industry experience to give genuine, independent advice on the most appropriate communications solutions for every business scenario.

We offer a comprehensive free telecommunications and IT services audit which is not just about checking the figures, but enables us to fully understand the business and the industry in which it operates in order to appreciate the relevant industry, regulatory and external factors which may be implicated in any cost management process.

Following your free telecommunications and IT services  audit, Utd Communications cost management system involves implementation and ongoing management support for fixed telephone lines, mobile phones, broadband, leased lines and telecommunications and IT services systems. 

For more information on how Utd Communications can help your company to grow by maximizing telecommunications and IT services efficiency and productivity, call us now on 01228 808950 to arrange a free telecommunications and IT services audit.

Project Management

We believe that effective project management is essential for the smooth transition of technology within your organisation. That's why we offer all our customers a dedicated Project Manager to guide the installation from start to finish; ensuring the telecommunications and IT system that goes live on completion day meets all your business objectives.

Dealing with one person who is fully involved in your telecommunications and IT services installation, is vital for simplifying lines of communication, and assuring a swift and smooth delivery.

We will see the project through from start to finish. A typical installation will include these key steps:

Initial project orientation meeting: We meet with you to identify the site, the configuration of the switch, feature plans, layout of telecommunications and IT services equipment and feasibility, and a thorough inspection.

Demonstration: We can carry out a presentation of the equipment and project plan to all involved.

Business needs examinationWe will work with you to identify how you see the system working, and the customer service model you wish to provide. This is a key discussion, ensuring that we set up the system to best meet your needs.

Training schedules: We will agree a training and development schedule for your staff. Training will help maximise your investment and ensure staff are confident in using the new systems.

‘Go live’ day: We’ll be on-site with you when the system goes live. The Project Manager, Engineers and Trainers are there to support you closely as you start to use the new technology.  Most initial training is accomplished on this day, depending on your requirements.

Evaluation and evolution: After installation, we will schedule a de-brief meeting, and also discuss the potential growth and development of the system and services. This meeting is held to make sure you’re fully satisfied and establish your requirements moving forward.

Phone Systems and IT Consultancy and project management services in Carlisle, Cumbria, Southern Scotland, the North East and Newcastle

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