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AVG Cloud Care

AVG Encrypted Email

Identity theft and security breaches can damage your customers’ business in an instant, but now you can deliver comprehensive email protection with AVG Encrypted Email simply, effectively and profitably AVG Encrypted Email is a secure, cloud solution that allows your customers to encrypt all outbound emails based on their content, the sender or recipient. Its unique inbox-to-inbox communication requires no sender/recipient authentication and eliminates the need for customers to build and maintain

their own encryption keys.


AVG Archived Email

Your customers want an email system that is accessible 24-7 and that can be easily searched by individual users while minimising costly onsite visits.AVG Email Archive is a simple, secure, cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with your customers’ existing email infrastructure. It automatically routes all incoming, outgoing and internal email through the AVG Email Archive

gateway, so every message can be safely stored, searched for and recovered to individual desktops 24-7.


AVG Anti Spam

Nothing frustrates your customers more than inboxes full of scams and spam but now it’s an issue you can address simply and effectively with AVG AntiSpam. This presents a new opportunity for you to make more money. AVG AntiSpam is a cloud email security service that delivers comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other key email-borne

threats. It uses unique technology to identify the sources of spam, and as a cloudbased service, it protects against them with greater accuracy and efficiency than other cloud solutions.


AVG Content Filtering

Your small business customers know they are losing productivity when employees shop and social network on company time.

AVG Anti Virus

Your small business customers want to know that they have the latest protection. You want to make delivering this essential service to your customers more profitable and less of a drain on time and resources.

With AVG CloudCare™ you both get what you’re looking for. Since it’s a pay-as-you-go, keyless service you also don’t need to worry about licence renewals.

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AVG Content Filtering allows them to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from their business:


AVG Anti Virus available in Carlisle, Cumbria, Southern Scotland, the North East and Newcastle

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